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The Motoring Network

Link Partners - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Listing?

Company listings detail the company or web site name, description and link to the Advertiser or Link Partners web site.

How do I get listed in The Motoring Directory?

Submissions are received through the COUNTRY based directories and then appear throughout the network.  In other words, please submit your listing to your local Country Directory and it will appear in this directory.  We do not accept submissions or listings directly to The Motoring Directory. View Directory Guide

Our business is based in USA but we want to feature in the UK Motoring Directory?

Our listing policy provides ONE complimentary listing per company to appear in the local country directory where the business is based.

Additional listings in the network are ordered separately as Premium Partners. For more information see Gold and Premium Link Partnerships.

Why Motoring Directory and not, Automotive Directory?

Good question and one we were hoping someone would ask one day.  Motoring encompasses much more than the term automotive, and our goal to include web related links to all forms of road transport led to the Motoring Directory.


How relevant are Motoring Directory Listings?

The relevancy of the result is very important. Highly relevant "motoring" listings will result in higher quality leads and more satisfied customers.  The Directory team works with advertisers to ensure the listings are relevant to their business and the consumer.

Does The Motoring Directory reach my target market?

The entire network reaches 80% of Automotive/Motoring users. 

Directory Categories

Considerable time has been spent researching the category structure to ensure the directory reflects the motoring market-place.

A good example is Parts & Accessories..  no other web site fully covers the topic without repeating topics or incorrectly categorising "parts" as "accessories" and vis versa.

"part" is defined as an item used in the manufacture of the vehicle (exhaust pipe).  It can also refer to After-Market products that replace the original item (like a aluminium exhaust pipe).  We do not categorise these products and suppliers as Accessories.

"accessory" is defined as a product added to the vehicle but not part of it's original manufacture. 

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