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A warm welcome to The Motoring Directory

The team behind The Motoring Directory have a combined 60 years experience in the automotive sector.

Under The Hood

The Motoring Directory team have been publishing motoring directories since 1998.

After working in the automotive industry in Australia and the United Kingdom in the dealership service and spare parts sectors and later in after-market parts sector, its senior director had over 30 years experience in the motor trade.

When the first directory was established, online motoring resources was in its infancy, with directories instrumental in the development and exposure of the industry online.

After publishing strictly ‘motoring’ directories for 16 years, it was time for something new.

Google, after initially supporting web site directories in effect devalued the entire directory industry, along with motoring directories.  Google saw the proliferation of directory software that launched web sites on the fly, without any real content, or worse, stolen content as sites without value and poor results for its readers.

Although our directories were human edited and strictly maintained, our sites were lumped in with the ‘also-rans’ and suffered accordingly.

In 2014, during the decommission of a server one of its oldest directories (this address) required moving.  It seemed a waste of time and resources to move the site ‘as is’.  It had not generated traffic, revenue or interest in quite some time, so time for a new direction.

It was obvious there was a need for a top-level resource that listed web sites, that in turn listed automotive web sites.  These sites in themselves are generally not in the ‘automotive’ industry but in the publishing industry about the automotive industry.

The Motoring Directory

World wide list of automotive and motoring web sites.

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